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A number of years ago we purchased a view lot in Quail Ridge area of Boise.  The lot had a spectacular view and we really wanted to take full advantage of it with the right architecture, design and build.  We developed the house design with a local architect and started looking for a builder. The lot however presented some challenges in the form of height restriction, existing driveway curb cuts as well as the construction footprint and positioning on the lot itself.  We met with three well respected builders including Chris.  Each builder was well known in the area and two had built other houses in the Quail Ridge development.  Two of the builders began to "educate" us on why we couldn't do what we wanted to do for various reasons and suggested that we would be better off doing it their way.  Chris, on the other hand, looked at what we wanted to do and sat down to figure out how to accomplish it.  His willingness to listen, explore possibilities, combined with his extensive building knowledge allowed us to get the home design we had envisioned.  Some of the adjustments we had to make to take advantage of the lots potential actually ended up being improvements to the original design and make our home even more special.

The quality of construction, the professional and courteous approach by Chris and his crew as well as the subcontractors he chose made the whole experience one I would do again without hesitation.  We've lived in our home seventeen happy years and its as sound as the day it was completed.  We have had people stop (strangers) who want to walk through or find out who the builder was on many occasions.  We always send them Chris's way.


Russ & Linda

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